Esther Dürnberger
Motion Graphics Design - Post Disciplinary



Ever since I visited a grammar school with focus on music, graphic and design in Salzburg/Austria, my home country, my life was based around arts and music. I started to learn the recorder at the age of 5 and later went on to playing the guitar and the piano in various music groups, learning different music styles. After my A-levels I attended a college for media-design and media-technology while preparing for the admission exam of the university of applied science in Salzburg/Puch-Urstein. After one year I switched from college to university, where I did my bachelor's degree in MultiMediaArt in summer 2014. During that time also a 5-months internship at "Ton&Spot audiodesign" in Berlin was completed. Between 2014 and 2015 I worked freelance for different companies and travelled to southern Europe, South America and Africa/Tanzania. Currently I am studying for a Master of Design with specialisation in Motion Graphics in Edinburgh/Scotland.

Arts and music have always been my passion. I never stopped learning something new and never will. I feel to gain a wider horizon on creative topics because of my talents and interests, visual and auditive. Through Motion Design I found a way to combine these two sides and during my Masters I developed ways of working collaboratively and post-disciplinary. There is a big variety in my work because I assumed a large scale of influences. I also like to combine different or even opposite sounds and topics to create something new. It's important for me to reframe analogue, hand-made sounds or graphics and pictures in order to create atmospheric moods.

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