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Throughout my creative pathway, visual arts and music have always been complementary subjects since a very young age, and music making plays a big role in my life as well as visualising.

Art school and photography college contextualised my early interest and have been the catalysts for my continued interest in visual work and studies.

In my undergraduate studies I focussed on Audio Design, but combined auditory and visual concepts through my projects. The specialisation in Motion Graphics Design during my Masters enabled me to combine my visual and auditory skills, allowing me to become a more complete professional.

My experience and skill set have been developed and strengthened during more than 2 years work experience in the field of Audio Production, Video Pre- and Postproduction and Motion Design. This progression established my facility to grasp and understand the general vision of projects in order to translate them into visual concepts. Through further education and projects I am determined to consolidate my professional abilities especially in more commercial fields, User Centered Design and innovative technology.

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